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Espresso & Espresso Machines

Q: Model Number, Serial Number, Manufacturing Date, or Date Entered into Service, or similar short demands.

A: Quite often I receive Emails asking simply"manufacturing date?" as if the date on a machine holds the secret to its inner workings. What a flaw to use this thinking gauge to decide the right machine for your need! In my nearly 30 years of deep involvement with Espresso machines I have met both: 15/20 year old machines that work flawlessly as well as 2 year old machines that were a wreck in every measure of performance. In buying a pre-owned espresso machine the company you buy it from should play a bigger role than the age or name on a machine. A reputable company will offer warranty (peace of mind) on all machines sold and the risk is minimal if the refurbishing has been done properly. Get a video on the inside of the machine,
You'll be surprised how much you'll discover.


Q: Where can I find diagrams of the machines parts?

A: Right Here.


Gelato & Gelato Machines

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Pasta & Pasta Machines

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Granita & Granita Machines

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