Peach Bellini Mix

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Price: $75.00 (including shipping to lower 48 states)

Quantity: 6 (1/2) gallons


"PEACH" Undoubtely the most sensational of all the flavors in our list has gained many friends over the years. I started getting favorable comments since day one about all the fun the people have serving it at all kinds of parties from kids bithdays to retirement parties with or without the bubbly that makes it "Bellini". It is the drink of the new millennium.

Various Granita Mixes

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Price: $199.99

Quantity: 30 (1/2 gal.) - yields 75 gals.



Granita Mix - 50 Bags of Vanilla Flavor + 50 Bags of Coffee Flavor

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Price: $499.99

Quantity: 100 Bags (50 Vanilla + 50 Coffee Flavored)


Frozen Cappuccino,
Ice Coffee, Coffee Granita, Vanilla Granita, Cold Espresso, Coffee Sorbetto, Cappuccino Cold delight, Latte Ice Cappuccino, Slush Granita Cappuccino... These and more can be the drinks that can be made with this wonderful product. I doubt that there is anything in the market that even comes close to this in making the best cold Coffee drinks in the world.

This product is easy to use, easy to ship, easy to store, easy to promote, and ultimately very easy to drink. 100 bags will produce 100 gallons of product. 100 gallons is 12,800 oz, which will serve 800 (16 ounce) drinks out of the 100 bags.